Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois is an all volunteer organization. We are licensed by the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture.

Since 2009, Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of IL., INC. has been a licensed, exempt 501(C)3 non-for-profit and contributions are tax deductible.

Being a lover of the ACD breed you can't look the other way and not help the dogs in need. Especially the ones on death row in local kill shelters. There are so many nice ACD's that were turned in because people can't afford to feed them, some owners don't want to take the time with them, or some are just lost. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these dogs. They were supposed to be a commitment for life.

We have several dogs on the farm and in foster homes. We rescue cattle dogs from kill shelters throughout several different states. The dogs are fully vetted, evaluated, sometimes put in training, and placed into loving forever homes.

Our mission is to rescue, rehome, and promote understanding, respect and compassion for cattle dogs. We believe through education, responsible ownership, health care, and training of both owners/handlers and the dogs you can have a balanced cattle dog.

Our first priority is helping the kill shelter cattle dogs that will be euthanized. We will gladly help place an older dog whose loved one has passed away. But everyone must be patient as it takes time to place senior dogs. Owner surrenders - please don't call us because you decide you don't want you dog anymore. We will gladly help you place your dog or may have room but again you must be patient. Call us and we will try to help you solve your problem.

Everyone asks, "What is wrong with these rescue cattle dogs? They have ended up in shelters so something must be wrong with them". There is nothing wrong with these cattle dogs. We are seeing more and more cattle dogs coming into the shelters due to the economy. We will never knowingly place any cattle dog with aggressive issues or a biting history. Cattle dogs are known to be cautious with strangers but people aggression is not part of the breed standard. All cattle dogs are not appropriate for certain environments. Some cattle dogs have different activity levels and needs. We try to place our dogs in homes that are best suited for that individual dog.

Right now , we are meeting outside in Peotone due to Covid. Adoption times are usually 1-3 pm on some Saturdays or Sundays. It is a 4½ hour drive for us one way. We bring the dogs that have approved applications on them. All adopters Must Have an approved Application prior to meeting the dogs.

We do not transport dogs to the adopters home especially out of state. We do transport dogs to the adoption events and from what shelter we pulled them from. If you want to adopt one of the dogs, you must be willing to drive to meet the dog.

We are always in need of more foster homes, the more foster homes we have the more dogs we can save from death. Looking for help with transports, evaluations, photos, adoptions, etc. Want to help? Due to the economy, donations have slowed down but we are staying afloat.
You can help us by making a contribution or you can sponsor a particular dog for a month for $25.00.
Any money amount will be greatly appreciated.


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Sue Christianson
Licensed : IL Dept of AG #11881
Phone: 618-315-8800

Australian Cattle Dog Rescue of Illinois
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